a little about who we are

About Us

Trey Hodges, owner of Oceana Cycles has been interested in everything to do with motorcycles since elementary school . First riding a pull start mini bike. Hearing stories from his Grandfather about riding Indian motorcycles on the beach and pulling the front wheel off the ground(they didn't even have the term wheelie then). And pulling up at a stop light in the back seat of his parents car when 20 or so of the local motorcycle club guys pull up beside the family vehicle. It was like "that's what I want to do when I grow up!"

After traveling on motorcycles, racing, having swap meets, collecting motorcycles, 30+ years of going to Daytona Bike Week, having and going to biker parties, and working on friends motorcycles it was only fitting to open a motorcycle shop.

The passion for motorcycles is what generates the professional service that we have here at Oceana Cycles. Started in 2005 in a small shop that eventually we had to rent the next buliding beside us for the busines to expand. Now after moving to our present location of 7000 square feet we are able to serve the needs of our customers local and far away.

Harley Davidson, Triumph, BSA and Norton specialist. Parts, service, repairs, accessories & performance work. Don't claim to know everything but what we do we do good. Everyone that works here rides (except Pop but he's old). Come by for a pleasant experience for your motorcycle parts or service needs.